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Tuesday 11 October 2022








HYDRA ROYAL SYSTEM provides thorough treatment and restoration of tissue volume as a result of the unique production technology and the product's ability to bind water.


The entire HYDRA ROYAL range Composed of a peeling, 3 syringes of hyaljuronic acid, microneedling bottles allowing the maintenance and optimization of the treatment HYDRA ROYAL optimizes the processes of cell regeneration and metabolism, supports the activity of the fibroblasts and guarantees an excellent water balance of the skin.


Hydra Royal provides long-lasting, multi-dimensional skin rejuvenation and smoothing effects visible at the cellular level after just one treatment. The treatment ends with a restorative Cold Mask.


The HYDRA ROYAL Syringes technique works in the 3-points, 6-points or 9-poinst method, in the plumping technique both on the face and on the damaged parts of the body.


HYDRA ROYAL System is a treatment suitable for all skin colors.





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