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HYDRAFACE CREAM (Hydratante, peau sèche)

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50 ml Tube
Adapted to all dry and devitalized skin, it restores the optimal level of hydration of the face.

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50 ml Tube




50 ml Tube


Hydraface MCCM cream deeply hydrates, providing elasticity, firmness and softness to the skin. Adapted to all dry and devitalized skin, it restores the optimal level of hydration of the face. 


Hydraface cream is specifically formulated to neutralize unwanted external effects such as sun and wind. 

Hydraface combats free radicals that prevent aging. 


Properties of Hydraface Cream

  • Hydration and nutrition of the skin. 
  • Restoration of the hydrolipidic film, essential to maintain a good level of hydration of the face and its protection against external aggressions. 
  • Moisturizing complex with high nutritional activity, based on amino acids, sodium lactate, urea and polyvalent alcohols. 
  • Vitamin E, also known as "tocopherol", is a natural, fat-soluble antioxidant that prevents oxidation of cell membranes, stimulates healing mechanisms and acts as an emollient for its lipophilic character. 
  • Improves blood circulation, regenerates tissues and is essential for the proper functioning of muscle tissue. It acts as a protector of vitamins A / C. 
  • The amniotic fluid is composed of organic salts, which gives it an extraordinary moisturizing, healing and tightening activity. 
  • Glycerine has moisturizing, smoothing and dissolving functions on the skin. 


  • Hydraface should be used daily morning and evening after cleansing and toning the skin. 
  • Apply by a massage with the fingertips on the face and neck. Its absorption is immediate and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being.
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